A Short, Quirky, Eccentric Top-Down RPG Shooter with an insanely cool fighting mechanic that involves time.


Use WASD or the Arrow Keys for movement, and Z or Enter Key for Shoot. Toggle fullscreen using F4.

Bob the Blob tried to learn a new skill this Quarantine but instead got bored and dozed off. Now he found himself in the Dangerous Dungeons of the Hot Heads!

Help Bob, the Blob, to return home by making use of his time ability where he commands THE WORLD to slow down before him!

What can you expect from this game?

  • Narrative
  • Engaging Enemies
  • Stupid Enemies
  • High Bro Energy Enemies
  • Yeeted Enemies
  • Badass Boss Music
  • Wait a minute... A boss music needs a Boss... so.... '@_@`!!!
  • Humorous Plot (probably :p)
  • Somehow life lessons in amidst of this..?
  • Intentional dead memes
  • Jojo references...

This game was made for Gamedev.tv Game Jam and it's my first game jam/game in here.(Don't fall for this Cheap Trick. He's trying to gain sympathy by attacking you psychologically. DON'T READ FURTHER!!!).

So I would appreciate constructive criticism and tips on how I can improve if you decide to play my game.

Source Code: https://github.com/Sreenington/BBA

(Credits given in the source code README File).

Anddddddd that's just  a Theory  it folks.

A Game Theory by Sreenington. 

Thanks for Watching Playing!


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Bob's Bizzare Adventure Linux.zip 39 MB

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Very nice game, boss is hard. It was fun though. REALLY wish you didn't upscale your pixels for the boss! It doesn't fit well with the rest of the art. You should draw the same character in a bigger resolution. But otherwise, a cool game.

The boss artwork is of another dude (credited above), and I thought it looked good because it had a 'final boss appearance'. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game.


The game is great, but hard. And I like that. I just thought, you could make ability Q or E button (it would be much more convenient for me) also maybe you could change character scale when climbing downstairs(it would create a 3D illusion). 

Also I wanted to ask did you draw the map by hand or made auto tilemap(I was trying to make auto tilemap from this tileset earlier in Godot. Asking just of curiocity)

But this is just a theory. A comment theory

That 3D scaling idea is pretty good. I didn't think of that. And yeah, I did draw the map by hand.

Thanks for watching playing. 


Finally beaten the game. Really liked the ending. Boss battle took like 5 attempts. Also I updated my game. Now there are 3 complete levels. Have a try if you can


refernce on reference ... damn i like it


As good as a lasagna.


a fun little experience, with great writing. Blood was spilled, but taking a dump in a golden toilet was worth the sacrifice

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the game.

Apologies for this late message but I want to ask you a favour. Would you rate my game on the game page? That would help a lot.